Prickrott / Von Mollestein – A Journey into the Depths of Nihilism


Another release by Prickrott and this time together with Von Mollestein.

A well produced split of 2 industrial vibed extreme metal bands.



01. Prickrott – A Constant State of Disgust
02. Prickrott – In the Recluse of Incorrigible Stupidity
03. Prickrott – A Perception of Nothingness
04. Prickrott – A Physical Embodiment of Human Sickness
05. Von Mollestein – Wandering Alone Through the Old Forest of Eternal Burning Hatred
06. Von Mollestein – Down Below the Stones Theres A Place I Call Home
07. Von Mollestein – Speak from Hate
08. Von Mollestein – The Ballad of the Lost

Total time around 37 minutes.


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